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R.FLORANTE followed 16 hours ago
2020 Chrysler Pacifica Customer states ac does not cool" Performed a quick visual check for dye from refrigerant leaks None seen at this time then used factory scan tool to check hi side psi level when turning on ac system... (More)
Danny followed 2 months ago
N2 Relative compression results using its low amp clamp on 80amp scale leads are on com and ohm port which is 2v precision side. As can be seen ch1 is red and also on aux voltage 1a=10mv also I believe... (More)
Danny liked 2 months ago
Custom concern, vehicle had to be jump started 3x in a week. Battery passed load test and had very good state of health . Quick parasitic draw test showed after all ecu's went to sleep (20mins) abnormal amperage spike. That... (More)