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Automotive Electrical Master Class Now Scheduled.
Automotive Electrical Master Class Now Scheduled.

3 Days - 24 hours of Training. Free Virtual Attendance for N2 Owners!
• Circuits and Circuit Testing
• Open and Short Circuits
• Voltage Drops
• Relay Testing
• Multimeter Usage
• Graphing Meter/Labscope Usage
• Sensors/Actuators 

Hands-On Testing of:
• Batteries
• Starting Systems
• Fuel Delivery Systems
• Ignition Systems
• Sensors
• Computer Systems
• And more!

Marcus commented 5 days ago
I was curious if it were possible to build a math channel for the N2 to perform a relative compression test? I finally got around to playing with the N2 and love it for load testing batteries, checking the electron... (More)
Joshua commented 6 days ago
N2 Relative compression results using its low amp clamp on 80amp scale leads are on com and ohm port which is 2v precision side. As can be seen ch1 is red and also on aux voltage 1a=10mv also I believe... (More)
Chad liked 6 days ago
"WIRELESS COMPRESSION TESTER" Add this feature automatic conversion of 5v scale to psi to N2 this would make a crazy great addition to to N2's already cool features in sub-menus. Also if inside the sub compression menu there was a... (More)
Joshua liked 9 days ago
1st pic bad charging current ripple from alternator 2nd pic good charging current ripple on same vehicle using n2.