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alex liked a month ago
Today we did some alternator testing using an ac coupling adapter (blocks dc signal) to watch the alternator charging the battery. These are good signals without any issues. The settings were very easy to spot.
alex liked a month ago
Good afternoon Neuron owners and users!

We are dropping this article here first as you are all the forefront of who we serve and what continues to make us great!

We do not want to be afraid to talk to you about future development and product development because this is something that greatly affects you.

The reality is that although the N2 Neuron is just starting to take off in the automotive industry, it has been here for a few years now and we have been listening to you and this is what we have found.

Take a moment to read and comment on this. Please let your voice be heard, we are starting to look at how to design the next evolution of product and want to hear your voice. Have your influence in how we design we look forward to building towards this together with you.


- Joshua Carton
Managing Director & Co-Founder
Joshua liked a month ago
Used N2 to verify a/c not cooling as it should for initial diag.....20 mins later after running more in depth test under warranty evaporator core replacement time.
Then verify system operating as intended using oem scan tool and temp measurement taken via N2.
R.FLORANTE liked a month ago
Cop experiment I did last year, yes the n2 can see the coil fire but there was not much detail outside of that. Used a relay because of the copper winding with the diode removed so no signal clipping was taking place second waveform is from a higher sample diy scope. It's just a another example of how the n2 graphing feature can be used in some cases as a first check diag tool.