How To Diagnose Airbag and SRS Systems

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“How to Diagnose and Repair Airbag and SRS Systems”

This seminar covers from A to Z Airbag and SRS components and interrelated-systems. The following are all covered:
• System theory
• Operation
• Diagnosis of common and rare system problems on common models and makes
• Go-to repair information.

Systems components will be covered one at a time, along with tools and equipment that need to be used to safely and effectively diagnose and repair these systems.

Airbag and SRS training is not readily available and hard to come by. Stop subletting work to other shops or taking more time than you need to due to unfamiliarity with these systems. This is a must see seminar that will allow you to start making money diagnosing and repairing airbag systems.

David DeCourcey is an Airbag/SRS and Carquest instructor, and a state-registered emissions repair technician. His business, D&D Professional Automotive Services, is a registered mobile repair facility in the MA Enhanced Emissions & Safety Test program. David is an ASE Certified Master Technician