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This is TST corner where we add relevant and useful videos for you on automotive repair hosted by and curated by TST. please note these are not the six full premium video trainings included with your N2 neuron. for more videos and training information please go to:

Hybrid Electric Isolation Fault on LN (Lucas-Nuelle) Have you come across a DTC for an Isolation Fault on a Hybrid or Electric vehicle. See how to use a Meg Ohm meter on a Isolation Fault on the LN (Lucas-Nuelle) Hybrid... (More)
Battery parasitic draw
How to check Parasitic Draw a few different ways.
Battery draw How to find a parasitic draw on a vehicle. In this example of a 2002 GMC we are using a i30s Fluke clamp on a meter and a GM Tech 2 that allows for scan data for a... (More)