2020 Chrysler Pacifica Customer states ac does not cool"
Performed a quick visual check for dye from refrigerant leaks None seen at this time then used factory scan tool to check hi side psi level when turning on ac system no change in psi meaning that ac compressor is not coming on. Which stayed at 87 psi with ac button pressed and recirculation button pressed too. Bcm and pcm both see ac request signal and all temp sensors are reading correctly. If you are wondering why I have not checked clutch engagement this vehicle has a variable ac compressor (no clutch)
Already used bidirectional control to see cut on signal for ac compressor solenoid is present by this time I already have used meter to check all circuits are good and relay to send power to ac compressor and fuse protection are fine. Last step sucked down refrigerant just to make sure and system was indeed filled up to 820gram no leaks present as I thought. This took me 20mins to diag now since I had a few free minutes I grabbed N2 and used it's new air conditioning temp test which work really good to show bad performance and good performance when I install new ac compressor. Then I used the low amp clamp to verify even further that new variable compressor was operating correctly by measure a little over 1 amp current draw to solenoid in ac compressor. Where l then could see the pulse width waveform. N2 graphing speed lm was limited in this scenario but it was more than enough to verify repair complete!!