Looking for some advice on my personal rig. I’m a diesel mechanic for caterpillar so I’m not “in the know on trucks anymore”. I’m hoping I can pick the brain of a 5.3 Chevy expert lol. My 2012 Silverado with a 5.3 has started to burn a bit of oil. Last weekend I picked up a stumble at idle. I’m at 165000 miles and still have the afm functioning. Hooked truck up and had a fault code for cylinder #7. Pull that plug and it’s all fouled out. So going forward I’m thinking of replacing plugs, and wires. And installing the range afm delete device. My main question is do I need to update that valve cover on the driver side also where the PCV lives also. From what I’m reading they started installing the updated cover in 2011. Do the update covers still fail? What the brain trust think. No other problems with truck no noticeable smoke while running.