N2 Relative compression results using its low amp clamp on 80amp scale leads are on com and ohm port which is 2v precision side.
As can be seen ch1 is red and also on aux voltage 1a=10mv also I believe I manually ranged up to 120amps
Waveform buffer was off for all tests. And at either 200 or 400 points for buffer depth window this test was done on a 4 cylinder 2021 Jeep renegade.
In the next pictures I add fuel injector #1 with ch2 in green voltage DC back probe this fuel injector with lead in volt port on N2 if I had switched ch 2 to manual I could have adjusted the waveform and matched it up to compression 1 and would show ignition timing of fuel injectors in sync with firing order that I place 4 cylinder specifications.
(Sidenote the initial rise/peak you see is the starter first engagement obviously and the once it's up and going the 4 pulses is each cylinder)Also this is good enough to do a quick inspection of fuel injection and crankshaft sync. For a wireless graphing meter it's pretty darn good. With a high amp clamp you may be able to squeeze a more detail wave form from N2 but I'm not sure.
Also I included a compression test of a 5.3ls gm engine too just to show it's possible and definitely can be done just resolution is different of waveform more peak instead of a curve.