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Quickly Test Power Windows With A Picoscope on a 2000 Dodge Neon 2.0

I wanted to make a quick video show how a labscope can show you very quickly where a problem is. We quickly showed on this 2000 Dodge Neon 2.0 Sedan that the switch and the fuse worked and had power and that the circuit could carry a load within a few seconds. We proved both doors had power from the driver seat. This proved very quickly we didn't have short or an open circuit. Now there is a possibility that you could have had a damaged wire making a partial short but that is very unlikely to happen in both doors. We quickly proceed the problem was inside both doors and were able to show a fix afterwards. All you need is an amp clamp, a labscope, and a fuse holder to duplicate this. I hope you guys like this test and I hope more people will perform it. Thank you for watching!
Fuses readable by Curien Hub App today are:

Test Procedure:
- Sample rates: 256 (32)
- Bottom Channel: Voltage DC or Auxiliary Voltage DC Top Channel: N/A
- Place Leads on tool to Voltage DC or Auxiliary Voltage DC
- Use Probe Tips
- Set the Data Intelligence menu to Desired Fuse
- Select the desired Standard fuse size and color
- Put Probe Tips across the terminal tops of a single Fuse
- Ensure probe tips are securely on top of fuse terminals for accurate reading.

Note: reading may be off by as much as 5 - 15 mA as this is a calculated amperage reading. For amperage readings blow 10 amps to be accurate use in-series amp meter. Also using Auxiliary DC Voltmeter for this test instead of voltage DC will present a more accurate reading.
Current / Parasitic Draw With Amp Clamp - The Best Way To Test

Current / Parasitic Draw With Amp Clamp - The Best Way To Test
Using the Fluke 88 meter along with the BEST amp clamp for low current draw around battery cables using the Fluke i30s amp clamp. Fast and Easy way to see if there is a draw without any disconnecting.