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Tcm learned with IDS
2011 Dodge Charger P1009 humidity sensor

Sorry about the ending. Got rushed by glass company to install new windshield and exited out of scope by accident.
No recirculation door operation and poor A/C performance due to bad humidity sensor. Verify power, ground and Lin bus signal.
Autologic Diagnostics Scanner |Opus IVS DrivePro |Drew Tech |AutoEngenuity |Scan tool review 2022

My initial thoughts...

So most technicians remember the Autologic BlueBox, and then the Autologic AssistPlus, and then came the Autologic Drive. Once Autologic merged with DrewTechnologies, it became Opus IVS, still powered by Autologic, Drew Tech, BlueLink, and AutoEngenuity. Once Autologic disappeared, and Opus IVS became the front name, DrivePRO became the DrivePRO ES. The DrivePRO scan tool has all manufacturers covered, no longer Euro only, Asian and Domestics were now covered.

Drew Technologies integrated their J2534 unit into the scanner, the Cardaq 3, and even their RAP, Remote Assisted Programming, system into DrivePRO, and now even DriveSafe, and ADAS calibrations. DrivePRO does give the ability to add flash module programming for most major makes to any auto repair shop.

With DrivePRO, you get IVS360 and IVSRepair, with live diagnostics and tech support from brand specific OE trained master techs. The tech support is a huge part of this offering.

I think this tool is the wave of the future for diagnostic equipment. This is not only a professional scanner but it is also a fully capable unit to “flash” or “update” a vehicle’s control module using Drew Technologies RAP aka Remote Assist Programming. This unit also comes with unlimited Autologic tech support in which a factory trained technician can login to your scan tool and help you with diagnostics.
iSCAN 3 / iSCAN SF by Autoland Scientech Diagnostic Scan Tool Review | Watch this before you buy! | 2022 In this video we review the diagnostic scan tools by Autoland Scientech, the iSCAN 3 and iSCAN SF. Both platforms are very similar, just different in size. Each platform brings you a full lineup of diagnostic software, for diagnostics on most major makes and models, Domestic, Asian, and European, plus it has supercars. iSCAN 3 and iSCAN SF brings you basic diagnostic software functions, read and clear fault codes, live data stream, data parameter graphing functionality, component activation (Bi-Directional Control), service reset (eg. BMW CBS). Things I love about the AutoLand Scientech iSCAN 3 and iSCAN SF... SOD, Support on Demand, iSCAN by Autoland gives you pay as you go access to diagnostics from master techs & programming experts. This is similar to the Opus IVS Drive Pro, but you don't have to maintain a subscription. No need to purchase & maintain complicated & expensive OEM diagnostic tooling or subscriptions, with the iSCAN, you will now have access to many OEM diagnostic tools through SOD, Support on Demand. Low cost of investment and maximum capabilities. Integrated J2534 Pass Thru Device, for pass thru programming. No need for a stand along j2534 unit for j2534 programming. IMS2, Interface Module Simulation, Interface Module Simulation System for working directly with OEM diagnostic software. The iSCAN 3 and iSCAN SF combines functionality similar to many diagnostic tools on the market such as Autel, Topdon,... (More)