Dodge Ram 1500 PCM problems No BUS FIXED! No Communication PCM/ECM replacement. Problem solved! PT 1

Do you have Dodge Ram 1500 PCM problems? This video will solve your Dodge Ram 1500 PCM problems/No BUS/No communication issues!

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This is Part 1 of our Dodge Ram Truck with computer/PCM/ECM problems with no communication diagnostic video.

Today we look at this Dodge Ram Truck, it was brought in and upon initial diagnostics I saw “No BUS” on the dash display, which lead me to believe that there was no communication with the computer/PCM/ECM .

I tested this no communication issue on this Dodge Ram Trucks computer/PCM/ECM , completing a power and ground test.

I verified PCI BUS signal to the computer/PCM/ECM , and this Dodge Ram Truck will be needing a computer/PCM/ECM , and to be VIN programmed.

TechAuthority isn’t needed for this process, and computer/PCM/ECM programming can be handled with a scan tool.

This diagnostic process works with many vehicles, such as no bus Dodge Durango, and even for no bus on Dodge Dakota and can help test a PCM failure.