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2011 Land Rover LR4 HSE Rear Liftgate Hatch Will Not Openning

We got a 2011 Land Rover LR4 HSE with the rear liftgate glass not opening. You can hear it trying to open but it will not open. Let's see if we can find a way to crack open this beast.
2006 Mercury Milan 2.3l AC Not Working? P0538

Today we have a 2006 Mercury Milan 2.3l with the complaint the AC is not working. Follow along as we go through and try to figure out what is wrong with this and hopefully fix the issue.
P0538 - A/C Evaporator Temperature Sensor Circuit High

0:00 Intro
0:30 Overview and Code Scan
1:20 Visual Inspection
2:29 Using Snap-On Zeus Troubleshooter
4:46 Looking At The Connector
5:20 Installing A Resistor
6:10 Looking At Live Data
7:49 Temporary Permanent Fix?
8:40 Confirming Fix
Some Shops Put People's Lives At Risk!

This is a vehicle that came in from another shop. It was inspected 10/2019 and had new emergency brake cables put on less then 30 days ago. I found differential fluid on the rear brake pads and rotors, it's on the emergency brake shoes. The passenger side rear caliper is leaking fluid too. This vehicle can not stop anywhere near as quickly as it was designed. Lubricant on braking surfaces severely diminish stopping distance. Also the brake hose on the caliper is twisted so much it is no longer functioning and can rupture at any time. Also, both axle seals are leaking fluid. All this should have need addressed. Compounding failures like this is what kills people. Usually one or two issues usually don't, but when they compound everything is off the table at that point. This is very sloppy and shady work. This is why you shouldn't price shop and find shops that are honest and take pride in their work. No one is perfect but a shop that cares and takes time to do work will not make these mistakes!
2019 Ford F150 3.3l 4x4 Programming A New RCM U2100, U2300, B0005, and C0062

I got called out to a 2019 Ford F150 3.3 4x4 to program a new restraint control module (rcm). I am going to use FJDS to program this. Follow along as we get this vehicle calibrated.
The B0005 was corrected a few weeks later by replacing the entire steering column. It is sold as a single piece and must be replaced everytime the code is present.

RCM (Restraing Control Module)
U2100:00-8B Initial Configuration Not Completed
U2300:55-8B Central Configuration
B0005 Collapsible Steering Column Deployment Control

ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)
C0062:54-AF Longitudinal Acceleration Sensor

IPM-A (Image Processing Module A)
U0418:86-AF Data Invalid From Braking System Control Module A