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G Truglia
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Topics are used to help drill down on specific topics to learn about or talk about. 

GDI Gasoline Direct Injection G Truglia
GDI Gasoline Direct Injection G Truglia Better Sound Quality
Motor Age TST Battery Starter Alternator 08 20 22

What to know about Batteries, starters, Alternators? Na, I know that...Well you will definitely learn something new in this webinar by Motor Age and TST with Pete Meier and G Truglia
PCM Reprogramming and More Dorman Lunch and Learn 8 17 22

Topics are…
• Can I Do It Myself ?
• OE Tooling ?
• J2534 ?
• PTA ?
• How Much Time ?
• Why perform a reprogramming?
• Drivability Problems
• and more!

To download a handout go to www.attstraining under the Video tab Dorman Lunch & Learn