iSCAN 3 / iSCAN SF by Autoland Scientech Diagnostic Scan Tool Review | Watch this before you buy! | 2022 In this video we review the diagnostic scan tools by Autoland Scientech, the iSCAN 3 and iSCAN SF. Both platforms are very similar, just different in size. Each platform brings you a full lineup of diagnostic software, for diagnostics on most major makes and models, Domestic, Asian, and European, plus it has supercars. iSCAN 3 and iSCAN SF brings you basic diagnostic software functions, read and clear fault codes, live data stream, data parameter graphing functionality, component activation (Bi-Directional Control), service reset (eg. BMW CBS). Things I love about the AutoLand Scientech iSCAN 3 and iSCAN SF... SOD, Support on Demand, iSCAN by Autoland gives you pay as you go access to diagnostics from master techs & programming experts. This is similar to the Opus IVS Drive Pro, but you don't have to maintain a subscription. No need to purchase & maintain complicated & expensive OEM diagnostic tooling or subscriptions, with the iSCAN, you will now have access to many OEM diagnostic tools through SOD, Support on Demand. Low cost of investment and maximum capabilities. Integrated J2534 Pass Thru Device, for pass thru programming. No need for a stand along j2534 unit for j2534 programming. IMS2, Interface Module Simulation, Interface Module Simulation System for working directly with OEM diagnostic software. The iSCAN 3 and iSCAN SF combines functionality similar to many diagnostic tools on the market such as Autel, Topdon,... (More)