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N2 Neuron
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Recently had the opportunity to experiment with the N2 more and thought I would show how I use it to just as a first check tool when it comes to graphing capability compared to needing to grabbed a scope with higher sample rate speed and bandwidth. The wave forms I present here of exhaust camshaft signal in green obtained by back probing signal at the sensor and the red is ignition coil 1 control current ramp as reference point.
To give more information first check PIC- 1 as it explains what green waveform is showing with N2......PIC- 2 IS N2 CAPTURE ...PIC-3 IS KNOWN GOOD WAVEFORM...PIC 4 & 5 N2 physical setup of current clamp on pcm control wire to ign coil 1 and both sets of lead share com port and other back probe red lead on volts port.
This test will allow you to determine if the vehicles battery has enough state of charge to be correctly testing on and not your root cause.

Also this video includes the state of cranking test. This test will monitor the voltage drop of the battery while loading it with the starter for 15 seconds to help determine of the battery is good enough to be testing on.#testing #help #video #Diagnostics #automotiveaftermarket #diagnostictraining #automotivetraining #Cornwell #MacTools #Matco #Snapon #MedcoTool #ISN #Boschscantool #MacScantool #Launchscantool
The Surface Discharge Test on the N2 Neuron 2.2 Software helps you identify surface voltage on the vehicles battery easily and determine if it is at a threshold that should be addressed. Watch this video on how to test for surface voltage and recommendations on what to do if it is found.