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Bernie Thompson CAN Diagnostics

Bernie Thompson CAN Diagnostics using ATS EScope
2004 Chevrolet Malibu Classic 2.2l Bad Fuel Pump?

Customer called and said their car would not start after getting gas. I went out to the car and it would start and shut off like an antitheft issue. I scanned the car and no codes, no security light. I load tested the fuel pump fuse and it was fine. I installed a relay bypass kit and this is what I saw.
This test will allow you to determine if the vehicles battery has enough state of charge to be correctly testing on and not your root cause.

Also this video includes the state of cranking test. This test will monitor the voltage drop of the battery while loading it with the starter for 15 seconds to help determine of the battery is good enough to be testing on.#testing #help #video #Diagnostics #automotiveaftermarket #diagnostictraining #automotivetraining #Cornwell #MacTools #Matco #Snapon #MedcoTool #ISN #Boschscantool #MacScantool #Launchscantool
2003 Ford F250 No Start Do to VD Voltage Drop

A 2003 Ford F250 pickup truck was towed in as a NO START. At AutoClinic we "Test No Guess". We performed electrical testing and found a Voltage Drop that was preventing the engine for starting. We tested the circuit and located the problem using basic and high tech equipment. Using our labscope we were able to show our customer the visual of the voltage drop.