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2019 Ford F150 3.3l 4x4 Programming A New RCM U2100, U2300, B0005, and C0062

I got called out to a 2019 Ford F150 3.3 4x4 to program a new restraint control module (rcm). I am going to use FJDS to program this. Follow along as we get this vehicle calibrated.
The B0005 was corrected a few weeks later by replacing the entire steering column. It is sold as a single piece and must be replaced everytime the code is present.

RCM (Restraing Control Module)
U2100:00-8B Initial Configuration Not Completed
U2300:55-8B Central Configuration
B0005 Collapsible Steering Column Deployment Control

ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)
C0062:54-AF Longitudinal Acceleration Sensor

IPM-A (Image Processing Module A)
U0418:86-AF Data Invalid From Braking System Control Module A
Audi/VW Coding, Programming, Basic Settings and Adaptations Overview

In this video we'll do a brief overview defining what coding, programming, basic settings and adaptations are and when they are performed. This is not meant as a comprehensive guide. The video is just a primer for familiarizing yourself with these topics with respect to VW/Audi vehicles.
In this video I will be showing one way to diagnose a code P0500 (vehicle speed sensor) on a Toyota Tacoma.
Land Rover Sport GSM using AutoLogic Drive Pro es

In this video I am using the AutoLogic Drive Pro es to program a new gear shift module on a 2014 Land Rover Sport. This tool makes this repair fast and easy.