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2005 Audi A4 1.8T Misfire and No Power? Runs Rough

Today we have a very sick Audi A4 that came in with a misfire at idle and the Check Engine Light is Flashing. Let's See if we can get it running again. This is going to be a lot of work.
2019 Ford F150 3.3l 4x4 Programming A New RCM U2100, U2300, B0005, and C0062

I got called out to a 2019 Ford F150 3.3 4x4 to program a new restraint control module (rcm). I am going to use FJDS to program this. Follow along as we get this vehicle calibrated.
The B0005 was corrected a few weeks later by replacing the entire steering column. It is sold as a single piece and must be replaced everytime the code is present.

RCM (Restraing Control Module)
U2100:00-8B Initial Configuration Not Completed
U2300:55-8B Central Configuration
B0005 Collapsible Steering Column Deployment Control

ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)
C0062:54-AF Longitudinal Acceleration Sensor

IPM-A (Image Processing Module A)
U0418:86-AF Data Invalid From Braking System Control Module A
2014 Kia Forte 1.8 P0442 Small Evap Leak PT2

2014 Kia Forte 1.8 P0442 Small Evap Leak PT2. In this video the customer said the Evap light came back and the temporary fix didn't work. We have theparts and we will install them and see if it fixes it.
2014 Kia Forte 1.8 P0442 Small Evap Leak PT1

2014 Kia Forte 1.8 P0442 Small Evap Leak PT1. In this video we break down the system and try to find the leak.