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Topics are used to help drill down on specific topics to learn about or talk about. 

GDI Gasoline Direct Injection G Truglia Better Sound Quality
Steering Shaft Clicking Noise 2008 Ford Escape

Clicking noise when turning the steering wheel. Steering Shaft Clicking Noise 2008 Ford Escape.
Motor Age TST Battery Starter Alternator 08 20 22

What to know about Batteries, starters, Alternators? Na, I know that...Well you will definitely learn something new in this webinar by Motor Age and TST with Pete Meier and G Truglia
PCM Reprogramming and More Dorman Lunch and Learn 8 17 22

Topics are…
• Can I Do It Myself ?
• OE Tooling ?
• J2534 ?
• PTA ?
• How Much Time ?
• Why perform a reprogramming?
• Drivability Problems
• and more!

To download a handout go to www.attstraining under the Video tab Dorman Lunch & Learn