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Jeep O2 Problem from Leaky Exhaust

How to find a Problem on a 2008 Jeep Cherokee 3.7L with a Check Engine light on and a P013C. The vehicle owner went to the Jeep dealer and was charged for an Oxygen (O2) sensor that did NOT fix the vehicle. We diagnosed and tested the Jeep finding the root cause of the problem. We found the real problem. We TEST Not Guess!
Dorman Lunch and Learn Low Current Probe Component Testing 10 17 2022

The webinar you provide information on using current / Amp clamps on the DVOM Volt Meter and Labscope. Checkout how to setup and use your clamps with your meter and scope on actuators .
GDI Gasoline Direct Injection G Truglia
745Li BMW CAN Gateway problem

Using a Snap On Zeus labscope to check the CAN BUS. See what happens when a module such as the Gateway is not communicating.